Design your Dreams

Design your dreams

Property Investment

Recently there has been a significant rise in interest for purchasing vacant land plots for the construction of holiday houses, second homes as well as homes for permanent residence. The advantage of buying this type of property the fact that most of the clients understand the importance of proximity to the big cities, the clean environment, the difference between living in a suburban house and living in multi-storied/high rise residential building. Moreover, the majority of the residential buildings in Sofia are very old and new buildings retain higher price levels.

Most of the high rise multi-family residential buildings in Bulgaria were built in the first half of the 20th century, with brick facades. Main construction systems during the second half of the century which that were built were pre-fabricated, large-area formwork and packet-lift slabs. The buildings are aging disastrously. This applies to roofs, facades, installations, window systems and the construction itself. Unauthorized renovations, however, create a real risk of serious construction accidents. This is an important consideration when choosing a home, especially when in most cases clients have to use borrowed funds. Sole ownership of the property gives different opportunities, cultivation; energy supply, heat and water from alternative sources.

Innovations of renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency measures and ensuring clients’ needs of power and heat provide greater opportunities for the formation of energy-independent villages. Renewables are not an unnecessary luxury, but a necessity, whose importance will grow rapidly in the future. Decentralization is possible and necessary way to manage personal property which allows freedom of choice for resources and suppliers.

Sales and consulting services of low-rise residential buildings in the peripherals of Sofia region are among the main activities of TerraExpert.