Design your Dreams

Design your dreams


You are going to get individual counsultation depending on the type and characteristics of your property. We will present the most appropriate plan for the realization of the property based on its characteristics and location.

Land Plots Regulation

According to the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria – “plot of land in regulation” or “plot of land” is land for which a detailed plan was made to determine the access by road, street or alley, and specific purpose of the property.

Detailed land plans can be:

  • Plan for land and construction – plan for land in regulation;
  • Plan for regulation – plan for regulation of land without regime of construction. The regulation plan can be plan for street regulation – plan for regulation including only streets and landed properties for objects of public property;
  • Plan for building development;
  • Work plan – construction plan;

If you need to make a detailed land plan you have to possess the following documents:

  • Motivated proposal;
  • Development procedure admission;
  • Current plan of the plot;
  • Proof of ownership (deed, judgment of the land commission, etc.)

TerraExpert has the necessary professional capacity and experience to assist you according to your specific needs.

Land Consolidation

  • Provides the ability to attract large investments and melioration of agricultural land;
  • Collaboration between owners allows the development of a wide range of activities;
  • Construction of small functional neighborhoods near Sofia with a set of independent utilities;
  • Allows a lot of innovative solutions for common and the appropriate use of infrastructure;
  • Allows the the creation and consolidation of agriculture, sustainable agricultural production, production of local produce;
  • Consolidation of properties around the capital provides great advantages for the business as it is a suitable option for locating production facilities close to the place of consumption.

Legal Services

  • Help in preparation of the necessary documentation for purchasing or selling plot/property;
  • Assistance in identifying the geographical location of properties;
  • Verifying the ownership of the property;
  • Support in the process of document submission in relevant departments according to the chosen procedure (PUP, partition of property, sale, mortgage and others);
  • Change of purpose of usage of agricultural land;
  • Assistance in partial amendment of the land and estate/property planning;
  • Preparation of deeds, agreements, applications, statements and more.


  • Support, professional advice and consultancy in the process of purchase and sale;
  • Preparation of all required work plans and project parts: architectural, construction, plumbing, electrical, fire safety plans, landscaping, etc;
  • Final reports according to the local legislation;
  • Feasibility study and documentation for the needs of investment;
  • Analysis and evaluation of the project idea, help in search for funding and assistance to formulate the optimal variant of the project proposal;
  • Clarification of mandatory requirements and parameters in preparation of the project proposal;
  • Clarification, procurement and preparation of baseline data and the necessary forms (documents) in applying for European funds in the area of ​​property (for residential buildings and agricultural land) in Bulgaria;
  • Business plan development;
  • Implementation, monitoring and project management according to the prepared business plan.