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Land Plots Regulation

According to the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria – “plot of land in regulation” or “plot of land” is land for which a detailed plan was made to determine the access by road, street or alley, and specific purpose of the property.

Detailed land plans can be:

  • Plan for land and construction – plan for land in regulation;
  • Plan for regulation – plan for regulation of land without regime of construction. The regulation plan can be plan for street regulation – plan for regulation including only streets and landed properties for objects of public property;
  • Plan for building development;
  • Work plan – construction plan;

If you need to make a detailed land plan you have to possess the following documents:

  • Motivated proposal;
  • Development procedure admission;
  • Current plan of the plot;
  • Proof of ownership (deed, judgment of the land commission, etc.)

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