Design your Dreams

Design your dreams

Who We Are

TerraExpert was established in 2008. Since its foundation, the company successfully develops its business in the area of real estate, agricultural land and plots. The company attracts and realizes lots of investments in agricultural land in the region of Sofia. The company gained considerable experience through the successful completion of a significant number of deals. Besides selling and purchasing property TerraExpert deepens its professional competences in the preparation of the necessary documentation, submits the required documents in the relevant departments and agencies, makes sure that all the legal requirements and deadlines are met.

TerraExpert works to provide a complete product and service, making it significantly easier for its clients to invest with confidence.

TerraExpert’s principles are based on several pillars:

  • Loyalty
  • Professionalism
  • Transparency
  • Adaptability
  • Innovations


Purchasing land is an extremely favorable and preferred long term investment.

TerraExpert’s object is mainly associated with the process of residential and rural development in the area of Sofia’s periphery. This trend is observed in recent years and is known as the process of suburbanisation. It is a typical process of rural development, particularly in large and highly populated areas whose residents often decide to change residence from central to peripheral areas of the urban territory. This allows lots of families to live in a peaceful, natural and clean environment but near to the main economic, political, social and cultural events of the city. In Bulgaria the process is observed mainly in small villages near Sofia, Varna and Plovdiv.

TerraExpert aims to fully satisfy the needs of its clients who are seeking to purchase a property considering the current market trends. The company strives to achieve low prices and favorable terms for its clients.

Promotion of sustainable development and implementation of modern and clean technologies are among the company’s priorities. TerraExpert focuses on dissemination of technologies such as renewable energy sources (RES), construction of high quality passive houses, usage of environmentally friendly materials and more.

Property Investment

Recently there has been a significant rise in interest for purchasing vacant land plots for the construction of holiday houses, second homes as well as homes for permanent residence. The advantage of buying this type of property the fact that most of the clients understand the importance of proximity to the big cities, the clean environment, the difference between living in a suburban house and living in multi-storied/high rise residential building. Moreover, the majority of the residential buildings in Sofia are very old and new buildings retain higher price levels.

Most of the high rise multi-family residential buildings in Bulgaria were built in the first half of the 20th century, with brick facades. Main construction systems during the second half of the century which that were built were pre-fabricated, large-area formwork and packet-lift slabs. The buildings are aging disastrously. This applies to roofs, facades, installations, window systems and the construction itself. Unauthorized renovations, however, create a real risk of serious construction accidents. This is an important consideration when choosing a home, especially when in most cases clients have to use borrowed funds. Sole ownership of the property gives different opportunities, cultivation; energy supply, heat and water from alternative sources.

Innovations of renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency measures and ensuring clients’ needs of power and heat provide greater opportunities for the formation of energy-independent villages. Renewables are not an unnecessary luxury, but a necessity, whose importance will grow rapidly in the future. Decentralization is possible and necessary way to manage personal property which allows freedom of choice for resources and suppliers.

Sales and consulting services of low-rise residential buildings in the peripherals of Sofia region are among the main activities of TerraExpert.


TerraExpert plans to expand the range of the activities the company offers to its clients thereby to meet and satisfy their needs of legal and consulting services:

  • Expanding the TerraExpert’s position on the real estate market in the periphery of the region of Sofia;
  • Maximum optimization of processes in order to facilitate clients when purchasing a plot of land and support in the follow-up activities;
  • Satisfaction when purchasing a property;
  • Providing high quality consulting services and products;
  • Expansion in spatial aspect – in other attractive areas in the Republic of Bulgaria.
  • Preparation of analyses, reports, risk analysis;
  • Feasibility studies.

Sustainable Development

The regulatory requirements for achieving the EU objectives for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth are directly related to the preparation and implementation of the strategic documents of EU legislation into the Bulgarian legislation. This will inevitably have an  effect on the construction industry in Bulgaria in the future. In addition, attempts to improve the characteristics of the buildings will have several beneficial effects.

TerraExpert aims to promote and explain to its clients the concept of the benefits and advantages of passive buildings. The company does not only sell suitable properties but actively assist at the request of every client who is interested in building a passive house.

A passive house is a building with a comfortable interior climate maintained without active heating or cooling systems (Adamson 1987 and Feist 1988). The building is heated or cooled itself, that’s why the definition is “passive.”

Passive is a building that meets the following mandatory requirements and standards:

  • Specific needs of heating and ventilation no more than 15kWh / m2 per year.
  • Total energy consumption of the building – no more than 120kWh / m2 per year.
  • Air access of the building must be no greater than 0.6 times its volume at a differential pressure of air inside and outside of 50 Pa.