Design your Dreams

Design your dreams


Purchasing land is an extremely favorable and preferred long term investment.

TerraExpert’s object is mainly associated with the process of residential and rural development in the area of Sofia’s periphery. This trend is observed in recent years and is known as the process of suburbanisation. It is a typical process of rural development, particularly in large and highly populated areas whose residents often decide to change residence from central to peripheral areas of the urban territory. This allows lots of families to live in a peaceful, natural and clean environment but near to the main economic, political, social and cultural events of the city. In Bulgaria the process is observed mainly in small villages near Sofia, Varna and Plovdiv.

TerraExpert aims to fully satisfy the needs of its clients who are seeking to purchase a property considering the current market trends. The company strives to achieve low prices and favorable terms for its clients.

Promotion of sustainable development and implementation of modern and clean technologies are among the company’s priorities. TerraExpert focuses on dissemination of technologies such as renewable energy sources (RES), construction of high quality passive houses, usage of environmentally friendly materials and more.